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Ariana Gillis

Ariana Gillis

Ariana Gillis

“I’ve never seen an unknown performer with more power as when I saw Ariana…. I couldn’t stop talking about her. She may be the best new emerging artist anywhere.” - Dave Marsh (author, music critic, radio host, historian)

“I can honestly say she's the single most exciting artist I've heard in a long time.” - Bernie Taupin (Elton John, Grammy-award winner)

The above quotes are typical of the enthusiasm Canada’s Ariana Gillis was creating from the earliest stages of her career. But after sustaining a serious concussion in 2015, Ariana believed that she would never be able to write and perform music again. Well, she’s proving herself wrong, as after an extended period of recovery she's back with some exceptional new music:

“What does it mean when the cold, cuts deep? All the ice in your bones and the rattle of your teeth, What does it mean when I cannot speak? But I feel these things; I’ve never felt so weak, Yeah, I feel all these things, I’ve never felt so weak.” -Spin, Spin

In July 2018, Ariana will be recording a new album in Nashville with award-winning producer, Buddy Miller, along with world-renowned musicians, Viktor Krauss, Jim Hoke, David Gillis and Gary Craig.

Ariana also has found an infinite passion for outdoor and indoor sport climbing and bouldering. Pushing her physical, emotional and psychological limits in the continuous pursuit of new skills.

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