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Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen

Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen is a contemplative introvert by nature, an adventurer by soul, and the great communicator by effect. Much of his music stems inspiration from indulging in the natural environment around him - from camping trips along the Sierra Nevada mountain range to climbing Everest and Kilimanjaro. In the consistent succession of six previous albums, Dennen has fluidly motioned between worlds of self-reflection and discovery, and interacting with the environment outside of the self.

His last album, released in 2016, titled Por Favor which, from Spanish, translates to "please," suggested a need for something, a desire to make a change; a word that Dennen felt alluded to asking for something to come into your life. Now, with Let's, he makes a conscious effort to step out, and create an open-ended invitation to band together with friends and strangers alike to create a "somewhat of a party," he says, "a comfy environment where people can work together for common goals."

The first single "Already Gone" debuted in January at #23 on the BDS chart and has continued build on the charts as Dennen's fastest climbing AAA song of his career.

Let's is the first in a series of two EPs created with songwriter/producer Dan Wilson (Adele, Dixie Chicks) for 2018 release. The album is evidence of Dennen's inherent ability to create community amongst listeners. As someone whose endeavors include a mountain town ski "Lift" series advancing environmental activism in the winter, and a beach "Vacationer" series supporting local environment preservation in the summer, Dennen has found a niche way of incorporating his love of music and the outdoors into his live tours. He recently completed his second annual Lift Series and is currently headlining the Let's tour, starting February 2018.

Dennen is also an avid painter, most prominently with watercolors, creating artwork that can be seen in much of the branding for his albums, as well as his side projects. With an evolving appreciate for food and beverage, he developed his own line of wine Rosés, consequently named Dennen Wines, for which he also incorporates his artwork onto the labels. The California Rosé of the collection scored a 91 on Wine Spectator. Out of all wines, Dennen picked Rosé because he feels it "celebrates being alive," and as a drink that is perfect for any gathering, any season, it goes hand-in-hand with everything that Let'srepresents.

Dennen resides in Northern California.

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