How to Book

After you sign up for the pre-sale you will receive your pre-sale information via email.  It will include an Earliest Booking Time.  At or after your Earliest Booking Time, go to cayamo.com/booknow.  Once you sign in your Earliest Booking Time will be verified and you'll be able to begin the booking process.  You can also call us at 877-379-9175 to book over the phone.

PLEASE NOTE!  Lead Passengers, if your guest needs a Sixthman Username you can create one while booking.  If your guest has a Sixthman Username, have them add you as an Approved Lead Passenger in their account.  You'll then see your guest in Your Authorized Guests list and you'll be able to add them as a guest in your cabin while booking!

Anyone who has traveled with Sixthman previously or signed up for the Cayamo 2018 Pre-Sale has a username and will not need to create one.  For forgotten login credentials, recover them here; you can also contact us and we will be happy to look them up for you (try our live chat feature or contact us).

Please Note: Being a part of the pre-sale does not guarantee that cabins will be left for purchase when it’s your time to book. Earliest Booking Times are attached to a single Sixthman username and are non-transferable.

For a complete list of payment options available, go here.

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