Cayamo Community Showcase

Cayamo Community Showcase

Come one, come all you jam session enthusiasts! After a successful first year in 2019, the Cayamo Community Showcase is back and better than ever! This unique activity will still have you meeting and playing with your fellow Cayamoans but with a few tweaks thanks to the feedback from last year's participants. If you're ready to take on a new kind of journey through song that is full of collaboration and community, read on for all of the details below. 


Those who'd like the chance to participate should fill out the submission form below by Sunday, January 19th. The Cayamo team at Sixthman will review all entries and choose 25-30 guests to participate in the activity on board. The chosen participants will be split into small bands based on the artists whose music they feel most comfortable covering and the instruments/musical talents they posses. 

Prior to sailing, those chosen to participate in Cayamo Community Showcase will be notified on or around Wednesday, January 22nd via email and will be introduced to their fellow band members. Each band will also be assigned an artist from this year's lineup. Using that artist's song catalog as a guide, each band will choose one song to cover for the onboard performance. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are chosen to participate, you'll be matched with your fellow band members prior to sailing and introductions will be made via email so that you can start discussing which song you'll play. Once you receive notification that you've been chosen to participate please let us know if you would prefer that we did NOT share your email address with your bandmates by sending us an email at cayamo@sixthman.net. 


On the morning of Tuesday, February 4th all of the bands will gather to meet in person. Once everyone's had a little face time with their band, we'll assign each group backline rehearsal slots for February 5th and February 8th. Additionally, you are welcome to meet up as much or as little for informal practice sessions outside of the our official rehearsal times.

These rehearsals will take place in the morning and you'll be accompanied by musician and producer, Brian Fechino and Guitar Shed's, Parker Smith who will act as your mentors throughout the activity. With their combined expertise, Brian and Parker will coach your band during rehearsals to get you ready and excited for your final Cayamo Community Showcase performance. 

On the final day of Cayamo, each band will take to the Atrium stage for the final performance to show the rest of your fellow cruisers what you've been working on!


  • We will provide: backline, microphones, keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, and music and lyrics to your band's chosen song.
  • You should provide: Your OWN guitar or bass (if you don't want to borrow ours or if you plan to practice outside of official rehearsal times), drum sticks, harmonica, and super amazing talent!
  • All Sixthman-led rehearsals and sessions will take place between the hours of 9:30am and 2:30pm. Please note that some ticketed Stardust shows will take place during these times. Additionally, the final performance may overlap with a portion of a ticketed show. Participants who have a ticketed show during these times will need to let us know so that we can figure out a solution to get them to the show.
  • If you are part of an existing band outside of this activity, each member of the band will need to sign up for Cayamo Community Showcase separately. Being a member of an existing band will not dictate which Cayamo Community Showcase band participants are assigned to. 
  • Those chosen to participate should be open-minded and come to decisions as a team. The goals of this activity is collaboration, creativity, and fun!


Signup by Sunday, January 19th to be considered. The Cayamo team at Sixthman will notify chosen participants on or around Wednesday, January 22nd and bands will be grouped prior to sailing and notified by email. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about Cayamo Community Showcase!

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