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Cayamo Moments

You know one when you experience it. The Cayamo Family has had so many incredible moments on the ship together, from spontaneous jam sessions and surprise stowaways, to onboard weddings and one-of-a-kind collaborations. Read on for some of our guests’ most unforgettable Cayamo memories.



"It was the blissful first day of boarding..."

Connie R.

So, so, SO many moments. It was the blissful first day of boarding, rushing around saying hello to friends and trying to cram in as much new music as possible. I was by myself and had just listened to some “never-seen-by-me-before” artists and dashed into the elevator to hurry to the next venue. The other passenger in the elevator asked if I’d liked who I’d just seen and who I was looking forward to. I mentioned that from the Sixthman-provided list I was particularly looking forward to Paul Thorn. “You’ve never seen him before?” he questions. “No,” I say, but I can tell I’ll enjoy him. A big grin split his face as he says, “Well, shug-ah, I’M Paul Thorn, we had better take our picture together!” and he pulled me in close for this shot.

"Mesmerized by 2+ hours of these good friends trading songs amongst themselves..."

Spencer K.

On Cayamo 2010 we were walking around the ship late one night and passed by the cigar bar. Glancing in we saw Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins, Luke Bulla and Keith Sewell sitting together jamming amongst themselves. We went in, sat along the rear wall and were mesmerized by 2+ hours of these good friends trading songs amongst themselves, playing each other’s requests and graciously allowing a small number of us to witness their enjoyment. Years later we saw Sara Watkins at a house concert and she vividly recalled the event. A Cayamo moment for all involved.

"The War and Treaty won us over like no other experience I have ever had..."

Boom B.

One of my Cayamo moments was the first set I saw of The War and Treaty when they performed on the Shawn Mullins Variety show in 2018. At the end of their set in the Stardust I have never seen such a spontaneous incendiary standing ovation. They won us over like no other experience I have ever had. Tanya Trotter was in tears from the audience’s response to their show.

"I've been on 8 Cayamos so the list is endless..."

Allan H.

I’ve been on 8 Cayamo’s so the list is endless. But I’ll throw a few out there. My very first day on my first Cayamo and when I go to the muster drill I discover that Keb Mo was in our group. Then Lyle Lovett walked by on his way to his muster station and stops to talk with Keb Mo. All of this taking place 5 feet away from where I was sitting. Many numerous elevator rides with random artists. The year I discovered that Paul Thorn’s cabin and Shawn Mullin’s cabin were just a few doors down the hall from us. The Captain Shawn Mullins variety show where he started asking Paul Thorn about religion and got the suspicious / evil eye glance from Paul. Every cruise we discover an artist new to me. For example one year we happened to be walking by a stage with people spilling out into the hallway so we stopped and discovered Angelina Presley. And how about that year when the ever prim and proper dressed Lyle Lovett and band where doing a show in the Stardust and the seas where rough that day and the band was swaying and trying not to lose their balance and somehow never missed a note. How about Steve Poltz’s show in the Stardust where he showed all of the old family photos. And we got to meet Steve’s sister and dad! Then there was the time I discovered the Soggy Dollar bar. We. Must. Return. There. Oh my I could go on and on.

"They rode off stage together on a motorized wheelchair..."

Melissa N.

My favorite Cayamo Moment was Kacey Musgraves and Brandi Carlile’s set in 2017 when they rode off stage together on a motorized wheelchair after they told the story of Kacey stealing the one that Brandi’s grandmother was using during a past cruise!

"We'd see each other and start the chat again..."

Bob R.

I ran into Raul Malo by the Atrium Stage and mentioned his video riding his Harley. Told him I ride an Indian and every time after that, we’d see each other and start the chat again where we left off. That won’t happen any where else!



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