Beyond the Music

Cayamo is more than a vacation; it's a fully immersive musical experience. Outside of the stellar performances, you'll witness specially curated collaborations and performances that won't be found anywhere else. Enjoy community jams and other activities alongside your fellow Cayamoans that help mold this vacation into the trip of a lifetime. 

Shows denoted with an asterisk (*) will have Priority Ticket Seating.


BGS / Black Opry Live Artist Karaoke

BGS / Black Opry Live Artist Karaoke

Have you ever been curious about the karaoke songs that your favorite artists love to sing? Our talented Black Opry House Band will be backing up the artists from our stellar lineup as they take the stage to perform their top karaoke classics. These performances might just provide some insight into their musical influences and inspirations.

Brady Blade's Drum and Music Extravaganza

A Cayamo favorite, Brady brings his signature style and unique charm to this incredibly special activity! If you’ve sailed in the past, then you know you won’t want to miss this "clinic", complete with special guest appearances from other artists on the lineup and more.

Gather Round Sounds Cayamo with Lake Street Dive*

Lake Street Dive is setting the stage at Gather Round Sounds Cayamo, featuring fan favorites, deep cuts, and new material all presented in a relaxed, easy going, living room style setting.

The War and Treaty's Soulful Sunday

The War and Treaty's Soulful Sunday beautifully blends artists and music that will not only touch your soul but will be the inspirational boost to start off your day! 

Love Songs for Losers

Hosted by The Lone Bellow

Calling all hopeless romantics! Indulge in an afternoon of originals and covers full of heartfelt melodies, relatable lyrics, and a celebration of all the ups (and maybe some downs) of love.

Black Opry Revue Writers Round*

Black Opry Revue Writers Round*

Don't miss the showcase of diversity in sounds and stories during Black Opry Revue Writers Round, a staple of the Black Opry universe.

The BGS Nightcap Hosted by Mipso*

The BGS Nightcap Hosted by Mipso*

Picture it: It’s late at night, an eclectic mix of your favorite artists are perched around someone’s living room, pulling out song after song until the wee hours of the morning, lost in the magic of the music. The BGS Nightcap brings those intimate moments rarely seen by the public to the Cayamo stage, with songs that run from deep cuts to personal favorites, curating one-of-a-kind artist collaborations that you’d never expect and can never forget. So pour yourself a strong one and settle in for the BGS Nightcap hosted by Mipso.

A Celebration of David Crosby

A Celebration of David Crosby

Get ready to be transported back in time as members of our talented lineup take you on a journey through the iconic songs that have shaped David Crosby's career, showcasing his greatest hits and influential songwriting. From his days with The Byrds to his collaborations with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, this tribute show will highlight the incredible range and depth of his musical contributions.

Soundcheck Showcase

The three artists voted onto the Cayamo lineup by YOU (our booked guests) - Buffalo Rose, Gabe Lee, and Kyshona - will all join together and perform a special collaboration show. 

Ask Sixthman

Get to know the team behind the Journey Through Song as a panel from Sixthman take the hot seat and share behind-the-scenes details. Whether you come prepared with questions about Cayamo and Sixthman, or you just want to listen and observe – it’s sure to be an enlightening chat!

Jewelry Making with The Kentucky Gentlemen

Join The Kentucky Gentleman as they guide you through various techniques as you design and create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry! 

Jammers Meetup

Aboard Cayamo, there are ample opportunities for planned or spontaneous jams with your fellow cruisers. During the two Jammer's Meetups, you can meet and make friends with other jammers. It will be the perfect way to connect with those with similar musical tastes and make plans to hang in the coming days on board!

Both meetups will take place in Maltings (Deck 6, MID), which just so happens to be the hang-out of choice for our Cayamo jamming community. If you're ever in search of some buddies to pick, strum, or sing with, this is the spot!

Open Mic Sessions

Cayamo Open Mic Sessions are your moment to bare your soul and sing the song that's in your heart on stage. Whether you're a solo act, three-piece harmony, or a full band, it's your time to shine and show the Cayamo Family what you've got! We'll provide backline, microphones, keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass, drum kit, and production assistance. Just be sure you bring your own guitar or bass (if you don't want to borrow ours), harmonica, and super amazing talent!

We have 3 full sessions this year, and all are welcome to sign up on board beginning 30 minutes prior to the activity. We kindly ask that in respect to your fellow Cayamoans you perform once until all interested parties have performed once, then we will allow a second performance as time and space allows. 

We cannot wait to see the talent you bring to the stage!

House Concert Meetup

If you've ever been interested in hosting an artist at your home OR if you're looking to fill your house concert event calendar, stop in to connect with artist who are looking to book some great shows! 

Solo Travelers Meetup

Traveling solo and ready to make new friends? The Solo Traveler’s Meetup is the perfect place to do just that! Stop by this activity and find a buddy (or buddies) to have lunch with, catch a show, or attend an activity. In this community of like-minded music lovers, you won't be solo for long!

Cayamo Wine Tasting with Mipso

Join us at the Cayamo Wine Tasting hosted by Jacob Sharp of Mipso and Amy Reitnouer Jacobs of BGS. It's an excellent opportunity to indulge your senses and elevate your taste buds, whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or new to the world of wine. When not on tour with Mipso, Jacob imports and distributes French natural-wines - and Amy has long researched and celebrated the connection between music and food communities. They will guide us through a relaxed tasting of five different wines that Jacob imports and they both love while sharing stories of the winemakers and information about the wines. Amy and Jacob's friendship is based around sharing food, wine, and music that they see as emotionally poignant - and they're excited to share that connection with you.


Tickets are $25 per guest and space is limited. Purchase now through your Sixthman Account


More Amenities

In addition to programming that we'll plan especially for Cayamo, guests can enjoy the following amenities on Norwegian Pearl:

Swimming Pool & Hot Tubs
Fitness Center
Jogging/Walking Track
Sports Court