Priority Tickets

Welcome to the Cayamo ticketing page! If you've found your way here, then you probably have a few questions about ticketing for the Stardust Theater on Cayamo. Thanks to the Cayamo family's overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Priority Ticketing process we implemented on the 10th edition of Cayamo, we’ve decided to keep that system rolling. If this is your first year with this ticketing system or if you need a refresher from last year, please review the information on this page.


  • Shows in the Stardust Theater will be general admission with a reserved area for Priority Tickets for select shows. Each guest will receive Priority Tickets for a reserved seat for several performances in the Stardust Theater based on their show preferences. When it is time to rank the Stardust shows and select your seating preferences we will email all guests. 

  • Take a look! Priority Tickets are reserved seats located in rows A-S in the lower orchestra center through the upper orchestra center. Pending popularity of the show (how many guests ranked it) the reserved ticketed seats might fluctuate a few rows – meaning it might only extend to Row O in some shows leaving P, Q, R, S available for general admission guests. Our ushers will communicate that to you in the theater. We will only clear the Priority Ticket area after each performance for the next show's ticket holders.

  • All guests will receive multiple priority tickets, and alumni will receive additional ticket(s) based on sailing history. 

    The process:  Guests eligible for each round are sorted according to the date their Cayamo cabin was booked, and, one at a time, are assigned a ticket for their highest ranked available* show.  If their highest ranked show is full we try their next highest ranked show until we have successfully assigned that guest a ticket.  Once the guest who booked first has a ticket, we move on to the guest who booked second.  *Once 316 people have been assigned a bonus ticket for a single show, that show is full.

    Once all guests have been assigned their Priority Ticket shows, guests are assigned into the Priority Ticket seats shown here.  Seats are assigned as follows:

    For each Priority Ticket show, all guests assigned to the show are sorted according to the date and time their Cayamo cabin was booked, and, one at a time, are assigned a seat for the show. Whether you are a new guest or a returning alumni, it is important to know that seats are filled from house right to house left beginning with Row A. Cabinmates who are assigned to the same show are seated next to each other, unless they have requested different customizations for tickets (i.e. if one doesn't want farther back than Row M and the other doesn't want farther back than Row S). 

    View a detailed chart of the Stardust Theater's seating maps: Lower Seating Chart and Upper Seating Chart

    The number of Priority Tickets guests receive is based on alumni status. 

    • 1-2 Voyages = 2 Priority Ticket Show assignments
    • 3-7 Voyages = 3 Priority Ticket Show assignments
    • 8-15 Voyages = 4 Priority Ticket Shoe assignments
  • Guests booked on the same reservation who make the same priority seating show selections, checked artists, and same answers to seat preferences will be seated together. The best way to ensure this is to have one guest make all the selections and click the red button with “Save Rankings for all Guests” when submitting your choices.

  • We will hold a certain number of Priority Ticket spots on the wheelchair accessible platform for each show in Stardust based upon demand to ensure that you get to see the shows you want! Additional accessible seating will be available for general admission on a first come, first served basis.

  • Yes, generally each artist performs 2-3 shows throughout Cayamo with the possibility of some of the performances being collaborative shows.  This year we anticipate more artists playing on the Pool Deck; some past artists who have played exclusively in the Stardust Theater may play one or more shows on the Pool Deck.