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How is the booking order determined during the pre-sale?

Cayamo 2018 alumni will be given the first chance to book. This group will be automatically assigned and emailed an Earliest Booking Time. Earliest Booking Times are assigned in order, sorted by most times on Cayamo , then by order of booking last year. Note that Earliest Booking Times will be spread throughout several days so that we may provide you the best possible guest service experience as you make your reservation. You will have FEWER people in front of you this year, even if you have to wait longer for your Earliest Booking Time to become active.

Alumni that missed Cayamo 2018 are next. This group must register for the pre-sale and booking order is determined by number of Cayamo sailings, number of Sixthman events, most recent year, then by order of booking for their most recent Cayamo.

Cayamo 2018 Waiting List guests who did not sail and Cayamo 2018 Cancelled Guests will be given a chance to book next. This group must register for the pre-sale and booking order is determined by the date you booked your canceled 2018 reservation or waiting list entry.

New Cayamo guests who register for the pre-sale are the final group to be included. This group is randomized before earliest booking times are assigned. Note that there will be multiple groups of new guests - those who sign up before the initial deadline and then those who sign up after.

Once the pre-sale ends, the general public will be able to book.

Please Note: Being a part of the pre-sale does not guarantee that cabins will be left for purchase when it’s your time to book.

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