Kristi Rose and Fats Kaplin

Fats Kaplin is one of Americaʼs most original instrumental composers and the premier modern interpreter of string band blues, folk, country and world music. His music, full of mystery and lifeʼs rough edge is the equivalent of artʼs “Modern American Primitivism”. He has been called upon to tour and record with hundreds of artists--Jack White, John Prine, Buddy Miller, Elvis Costello, Beck, Tinariwen, Colin Linden, his own Kane-Welch-Kaplin and countless others.

Kristi Rose is a powerful and evocative singer and writer. Her musical journey has taken her from country church choir, to the NYC cow-punk scene, where she founded the seminal band “Kristi Rose and the Midnight Walkers’”, to touring around the world, to her current status as the favored muse and interpreter of numerous composers and lyricists.

Kristi Rose and Fats reside in a world where traditional and modern meet, where desperation and joy commingle. Though they remain firmly rooted in the Americana world, their stage presence evokes memories of the cabarets of 1920‘s Berlin, just as much as the traveling medicine shows of the rural south. It is filled with rags, ballads, waltzes and laments as well as magical sleight of hand and musings on the state of our lives in these modern times.

They have released numerous critically lauded albums and have played venues ranging from major festivals and clubs in the U.S., Canada and Europe to intimate House Concerts and Listening Rooms.